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I met Mr. Ross about 9 years ago when I needed to assist my elderly father in setting up his living trust along with the terms and conditions moving forward. Dad and I were anticipating issues from a hostile step-sister and we reached out to Mr. Mark Ross because of his litigation skills and expertise.
Fast forward and 5 years later we were in the middle of a contentious lawsuit. Thanks to preparation, research, and thoughtful insight, Mark directed us every step of the way with his multifaceted talents.
From motions to petitions, depositions to subpoenas & interrogatories, along with court appearances, Mark was very adept at the written word, persuasive arguments, and strategic thinking that delivered results.
It was a long 3 years but could have been much longer if we did not retain Mark. So, THANK YOU Mark Ross. I consider you as a friend, colleague, and trusted advisor.

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